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Health Work Committees
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press release

Israeli Occupation Forces Targeted Health Work Committeesí Hebron Emergency Center in H2 Area by Tear Gas

The Israeli occupation uses a blood-shedding military response to peaceful demonstrations in the Gaza Strip

The Palestinian Land has been a Symbol for the Palestinian Identity and the Division is a Betrayal to those who Sacrificed for it

Health Work Committees: The International Womenís Day is the Palestinian Womenís Cry to the World

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: INGOs are deeply concerned about the US announcement about Jerusalem

PNGO condemns US president decision on Jerusalem and warns of its "dangerous consequences"

Health Work Committees Calls for Fairness for the Working Class and Protection of Their Future

Health Work Committees Warn against the Deliberate and Systematic Practices and Slow Killing of Prisoners and Calls for their Support

In Commemoration of Land Day, Health Work Committees Calls for Support of the Palestinians steadfastness over their Land

Objection letter to the Secretary General

On the International Women's Day, Health Work Committees calls on Saving Palestinian Women from the Occupationís Field Execution, and activating the Palestinian laws that do women Justice

In the Palestinian Prisoners Day, Health Work Committees warns of the risk to the lives of more than seven thousand Palestinian prisoners and calls for their support