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The Eighth of March is Distinctive Day to Commemorate the Palestinian Womens Journey

Health Work Committees Calls for the Immediate Protection of the Hospitals, the Health Centers and Organizations, and the Paramedics

Israelische Militärapparat mit Hilfe der israelischen Polizei das Bro der HWC Health Work Committees in Jerusalem gestrmt und den Befehl fr die Schliessung dieses Zentrums fr ein Jahr befohlen

Las Fuerzas de seguridad israelíes han ordenado el cierre de la oficina de Health Work Committees (HWC) en Shuafat (Jerusaln Este)

Israeli Forces Ordered the Closure of Health Work Committees Shufat Office for a year

Health Work Committees condemn the Deportation of Colleague Daoud Al Ghoul

Health Work Committees Elected New Board of Directors and Held its General Conference

Stop the Genocide

Palestinian medical and health organizations call on the Red Cross to act immediately to stop the massacre of civilians in Gaza and protect medical personnel and emblems.

Appeal to Secure Medications, Disposables and Fuel

Health Work Committees calls for stopping the Israeli invasion on Gaza Strip

Health Work Committees Condemns the Detention of the Mobil Clinic Team by the Israeli Occupation at Tayasir Checkpoint