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Health Work Committees
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Las Fuerzas de seguridad israelíes han ordenado el cierre de la oficina de Health Work Committees (HWC) en Shuafat (Jerusalén Este)

Israeli Forces Ordered the Closure of Health Work Committees’ Shu’fat Office for a year

Dunya has conducted an awareness lecture at Deir El Sudan

Dunya has conducted an awareness lecture at Al Ama’re School

Dunya conducted Awareness Lecture at Al Badan

Dunya Women’s Cancer Clinic conducted Awareness Lecture at Jasmine Charitable Society

School Health Program of HWC has Released its Semiannual Report

Dunya Women’s Cancer Clinic ends its Breast Cancer Campaign with the vast cooperation of the local community

Health Work Committees condemn the Deportation of Colleague Daoud Al Ghoul

Health Work Committees cordially invites you to participate in its conference … Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and Protection from violence of Women and Women with Disability

Terms of Reference for a Project External Evaluation

Dunya Women's Cancer Clinic has finalized its Preparations for Launching October's Awareness Campaign for Breast Cancer Early Detection