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Health Work Committees
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Latest News

Health Work Committees Calls for Fairness for the Working Class and Protection of Their Future

Health Work Committees Warn against the Deliberate and Systematic Practices and Slow Killing of Prisoners and Calls for their Support

In Commemoration of Land Day, Health Work Committees Calls for Support of the Palestinians steadfastness over their Land

Objection letter to the Secretary General

On the International Women's Day, Health Work Committees calls on Saving Palestinian Women from the Occupation’s Field Execution, and activating the Palestinian laws that do women Justice

Project leads the way in promoting the participation of people with disabilities in building increasingly inclusive and accessible communities in the Hebron district, West Bank

In the Palestinian Prisoners Day, Health Work Committees warns of the risk to the lives of more than seven thousand Palestinian prisoners and calls for their support

The Eighth of March is Distinctive Day to Commemorate the Palestinian Women‘s Journey

Health Work Committees and Action against Hunger (ACF) Conduct First Aid Courses in Area C

Health Work Committees Calls for the Immediate Protection of the Hospitals, the Health Centers and Organizations, and the Paramedics

The Israeli Occupation Breaks in Health Work Committees’ Hebron Emergency Center

Health Work Committees’ School Health Program in East Jerusalem