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 Since its establishment in mid 80s, the Palestinian Health Work Committees (HWC) worked tremendously...

Palestinian Patients and Health Workers becoming a Legitimate target of Israeli military attacks

Health Work Committees holds a panel discussion with various civil society organizations at both the local and international level to discuss preparing research papers from countries inside the Middle East & North Africa region to address the subject of facing privatization of health goods and services within the targeted countries (Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco, Iraq & Yemen).

On the occasion of World Health Day, HWC Salutes all Health Workers and Urges to Formulate a National Strategy to Fight Coronavirus

Elderly Discrimination and Inequality Gap in Palestine

People's Health Movement - Annual Report 2018

Urgent Call for Action - PNGO calls upon the international community to immediately pressure the Israeli occupying forces to stop attacks on the Gaza Strip

H.E. Ms. Awad, highlights the Palestinian children's situation on the eve of the Palestinian Child Day

WHO strongly condemns killing of health worker in the West Bank, March 2019

The killing of our first aid volunteer Sajed Mizher - People's Health Movement Press Release

Israeli Occupation Forces Targeted Health Work Committees Hebron Emergency Center in H2 Area by Tear Gas

Health Work Committees Conclude a Workshop on the Role of Social Movements in Accountability and Advocacy for the Right to Health