Health Work Committees
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breast cancer
HWC Message?
The realization of all the organizations accomplishments was only possible because of the strenuous efforts of its staff. Despite the financial crisis, which the organization has been facing, its staff has been dedicated and committed to the organization and the work that they have been doing.Moreover, the organization has been optimistic about the recognition of its vision of a free Palestinian society enjoying health rights that are equitable, well-developed and comprehensive and the realization of its mission, which is based on the provision of health services to all segments of the Palestinian population, particularly the poor and the marginalized;

Kanan project of east Jerusalem has been implemented by six nongovernmental Palestinian organizations; Defense for Children International-Palestine (DCI-PS), Land Research Center (LRC), Bisan Center for Development, Union of Palestinian Woman Committees (UPWC), the Alternative Information Center (AIC) and Mundubat, in addition to Health Work Committees, the coordinator of the project. The project has a steering committee that meets periodically in order to supervise the action mechanisms, the implementation process, and the evaluation process.
HWC along with all its partner organizations have been working on different sectors including social, cultural, health, political and human rights sectors. The project was initiated in the middle of 2012.