مؤسسة لجان العمل الصحي
Health Work Committees
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Public Relations

To enhance the organization’s continuity and sustainability in order to support and advocate for the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people's rights, Public relations department continued working on promoting, developing and opening new relationships and finding new perspectives for funding. The Department has five employees that report directly to the General Director.
The organization, thus the public relations Department, is facing a set of internal and external challenges:

  • The Change in the global financial funding and its scarcity in light of the global economic crisis.
  • The global economic crisis and its impacts on the region.
  • The majority of potential core funders have reduced their partnerships or locked door on having a new partners.
  • The majorities of the funders have a tendency to finance short projects involving equipment and do not cover operational costs or development programs.
  • The change in the funders’ attitude from funding services to capacity-building, gender, advocacy and policy influencing activities.

HWC believes in the importance of cooperation and partnership with counterparts from the local and international institutions. The public relations department in all its sections worked to strengthen its relations, development and open new relationships and new horizons. It also worked to strengthen its role in local, Arab and international coalitions and networks, and it played a significant role in foreign participations to promote international solidarity to our cause and our people and introducing the international community to the reality of health and development in Palestine. The organization has received many international delegations who were introduced to the organization’s work and role, and the reality of the Palestinian people under occupation.