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Palestinian medical and health organizations call on the Red Cross to act immediately to stop the massacre of civilians in Gaza and protect medical personnel and emblems.

Appeal to Secure Medications, Disposables and Fuel

Health Work Committees calls for stopping the Israeli invasion on Gaza Strip

Health Work Committees Condemns the Detention of the Mobil Clinic Team by the Israeli Occupation at Tayasir Checkpoint

Health Work Committees calls for the enforcement of the right of return and the activation of the relevant international resolutions

Health Work Committees calls for justice for Palestinian workers and the adoption of a national strategy to support them

Health Work Committees call for saving the lives of the prisoners and to advocate for their cause nationally and internationally

HWC conducted a workshop about preconception counsel

HWC organized a press conference to launch (SRHR) program

Health Work Committees has Welcomed Juan Jos Escobar Stemmann, Spanish Consul General, at Halhoul Medical Center