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The Eighth of March is Distinctive Day to Commemorate the Palestinian Womens Journey

 The world celebrates the eighth of March annually through organizing ceremonies in which speeches in advocacy for women’s right that the international and local charters and laws endorsed and enforced in many countries, while the Palestinian woman is still suffering from daily oppression at all levels for decades. 

Today, as we commemorate the International Woman’s Day, we can’t overlook the Palestinian blood that has been shed and the suffering imposed by the Israeli occupation upon Palestinian women. Since last October, the Israeli occupation has killed 16 Palestinian women including 7 girls, and still detaining 62 Palestinian Women including 14 female children put in inhuman conditions, in addition to the hundreds of women who were injured either through their confrontation with the occupying forces, by settlers, walking in the streets, or while they were sitting inside their homes.
The Palestinian women are a directly targeted by the Israelis, they are facing daily multi- faceted oppression by the Israelis as their children and husbands have been killed. Moreover, many Palestinian women have been displaced and left without shelter as their homes were demolished by the Israelis, and their lands have been confiscated for the purpose of building settlements, leaving them without living resources. Furthermore, the military checkpoints that are established throughout Palestine have imposed restriction on the movement of the Palestinian woman jeopardizing her right to medical services, her right to earn her living , in addition to the policy of impoverishment, which negatively impacts and threatens , as such as any direct assaults, the Palestinian women who constitute nearly half of the Palestinian society.
At the domestic level, The Palestinian laws and regulations that are still enforced in Palestine are adding to the suffering of the Palestinian Woman, as most of these laws that have been endorsed since the Turkish regime, are depriving the women from their freedom, their rights and creativity as many of them are still do not have the chance to reach senior positions or even making social life decisions despite all the claims that have been made for changing these laws.
Not far from this injustice, the Palestinian women are still facing “honor killing” without the presence of any deterrent laws against its perpetrators. Many court cases have showed that the motives behind the killing are for confiscating the inheritance of women or for other reasons. It was documented that in the year 2015, 30 women faced “honor killing” in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and in 1948 Area. 
Health Work Committees is proud for its distinctive role in promoting women’s presence and rights and giving them the opportunity for occupying professional senior position. This is in addition to offering women services through Dunya Women’s Cancer Center, which was a gift from the organization for women in the International Women’s day in 2011. HWC has been offering health and educational services for thousands of women in different governorates through the Women’s Health Program and through the Community Based Rehabilitation Program and the Oasis center that focus on women with disabilities. 
On the International Women’s Day, HWC emphasizes the following:
1. HWC will support the Palestinian women’s right to living in dignity and provide all the cultural, social, educational, and health services for her at all the stages of her life. 
2. HWC expresses its pride of the leading initiatives that the Palestinian women have accomplished at different sectors. 
3. HWC calls for campaign to advocate for the rights of Palestinian women, who have been detained at Israeli prisons through taking popular and official actions to secure their freedom. 
4. HWC calls on the Palestinian Ministry of Health and all the parties working in the health sector to provide quality health services for Palestinian women as their health determine the health of the society. 
5. HWC calls for the importance of reactivating the work of the Palestinian Parliament in order to promote the rights of Palestinian women and to repel the Israeli violations that have been imposed upon the Palestinians including women. Additionally, it calls for the importance of activating CEDAW, the Convention on Elimination of all Discriminations against Women in national legislation after it was approved by the State of Palestine. 
6. HWC indicates that all the Palestinian media actors should advocate and support the Palestinian women demands, while respecting their work ethics and values in addressing women’s issues. 
7. HWC supports the demands of the teachers, to improve their working and financial conditions as they are the builders of future generations. We stand by them in their just and fair demands.