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Health Work Committees and Bisan Center for Research and Development conclude the summer camp "Our health in our hands 2"

 Health Work Committees (HWC) and Bisan Center for Research and Development concluded the “Our Health in our Hands 2” summer camp with the participation of 80 young people representing a number of youth centers and groups. The summer camp was held for five days in the Tal Al-Qamar area near the Dead Sea, east of Bethlehem.

The program of the camp included many activities and events, and was initiated with Shatha Odeh, General Director of the Health Work Committees, and Najwa Saadeh, Director of Bisan Center, welcoming the participants to the camp and talking about the role of the youth in the community building process and change. They emphasized the importance of the camp in enhancing opportunities for exchanging experiences among young people. The two organizations are working to provide opportunities to enhance the role of youth in our society. One of the participating youth groups “Ibda'a”, prepared and lead a creative segment that included activities to break the ice, following the formation of the committees and leaders of the groups.
The second, third and fourth camp days were devoted to political, health and social lectures by the author Nassar Ibrahim, Moez Karaja, Jibril Mohamed, Abdel Razzaq Ghazal and Walid Abu Ras. A focus was shed on social and economic rights in the liberal context, and the important role youth should be taking in social mobility, networking mechanisms, coordination, lobbying and advocacy. During the camp days, the Coordination Committee of the Youth Coalition for the Defense of the Right to Health was formed. It included nine members representing youth centers and groups, and work was initiated to formulate the vision, mission and strategic directions of the coalition with the participation of several grass-roots institutions. During the five days of the camp, artistic and entertainment evenings were organized in which “Ibda’a” participated in as well as the Doom group that sings Sheikh Imam songs, in addition to a day of entertainment including swimming and other activities in the Ein Al Hawiya resort in the village of Housan, west of Bethlehem.
The camp also hosted a Belgian delegation from the Belgian youth movement “Comac”. After welcoming them, a meeting was held to exchange experiences between the delegation and the youth. The visitors stressed that their visit was a humanitarian solidarity trip for the Palestinian people. They also participated in the hike which was the last of the activities organized by the camp administration that took place from Al-Makhrour in Beit Jala to the village of Batir.
Along with the conclusion of the activities of the summer camp, an assessment was made of the camp to examine the impact and the extent in which the outputs were achieved. The youth discussed the outcomes and their experiences openly and in a transparent manner. This activity was part of the Right to Health program, funded by the Belgian Foundation M3M, in addition to the Kanaan project. The team was led and supervised by a joint team working with Walid Abu Ras, Raed Awaidat, Ashraf Hamamra, Aa'id Hoshiya and Mohammed Sabri from HWC, as well as Suha Nazzal and Salam Taha from the Bisan Center, along with a number of volunteers and supervisors.