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Urgent Call for Action - PNGO calls upon the international community to immediately pressure the Israeli occupying forces to stop attacks on the Gaza Strip

 Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Network (PNGO) condemns the Israeli occupying Forces continuous barbaric attack on Palestinian civilians especially children, women, civilian homes, Cultural institutions and media outlets. PNGO warn that the escalating attacks against the Gaza Strip that lead to the killing of tens of Palestinians including women and children in the past 24 hours, will only lead to more Palestinian casualties and an even worse humanitarian man made crisis.

Saba Abu Arar, 14-month-old infant was killed along a 5 months pregnant mother Falastine with her unborn child Abdullah. Moreover, the grandmother of Baby Saba, Ma’azouzah Mohammed Abu Arar (72) and Hussam Adnan Abu Arar (2 years old) were injured with shrapnel throughout the body.
In addition to the killing of Palestinian civilians caused by Israeli airstrikes against, many homes are either damaged or destroyed and this has a severe negative impact; including widespread panic and fear among Palestinians in Gaza, especially women and children.
As part of the collective punishment policy, Palestinians civilians continue to suffer by the Israeli occupying forces full closure on the Gaza Strip including the closure of the the kerem Abu Salem Crossing, east of Rafah, the only commercial crossing in the Gaza Strip, and Beit Hanoun “Erez” Crossing for individuals in the northern Gaza Strip. It also announced full closure of the sea, and prevent fisherman from sailing and fishing, depriving thousands of fishermen of their livelihoods.
Palestinians continue to pay the price, turning more than two million Palestinians victims to Israeli aggression, fear and anxiety. PNGO calls upon the in international community to:
·      Condemn the Israeli ongoing airstrikes against Palestinian civilians, civilian premises and use of weapons on the basis of collective reprisal which constitute a grave violation of the four Geneva Conventions of 1949, also amounting to war crimes.
·      International community especially the EU must hold the Israeli occupying state accountable and to protect Palestinian civilians from Israeli continuous attacks.
·      Reach out to International media outlets and pressure them to use accurate reporting on the crimes committed against the Palestinian civilians rather than shying away in fear of being accused for criticizing Israel.
·      Mobilize joint humanitarian efforts to respond to the dire humanitarian needs in the Gaza Strip especially providing essential adequate health services to injured Palestinians