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Health Work Committees condemn the Deportation of Colleague Daoud Al Ghoul

 The so-called Israeli Home front Commander, Major General Eyal Eisenberg sent for colleague Daoud Al Ghoul, youth development program’s coordinator at Health Work Committees, and handed him a decision to his deportation from the city of Jerusalem, his hometown and place of residence .The banishment is for a period of six months under the pretext of maintaining the security and safety of the community and maintaining public order, which constitutes a flagrant violation of human rights.

Health Work Committees condemns this arbitrary decision against colleague and social activist David Ghoul. this decision is part of continued the occupation state policies in order to Judaize the holy city and empty it from its original inhabitants, the land owners, its history and culture, once with arrest and administrative detention policy, and once with house arrest, confinement and freedom of movement and today with the deportation policy that targeted our colleague Daoud and two of the residents of Jerusalem.
To face such policy, we call on the international legal bodies and civil society organizations and social movements to uphold their voices and taking their role against this policy, and launch a public campaign and international solidarity with colleague Daoud and the other deportees. We call them to resist this policy and pressure on the occupation state to terminate this decision and the arbitrary deportation policy that is against all international laws and norms, and that aim to Judaize and empty the holy city.