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Israeli Forces Ordered the Closure of Health Work Committees Shufat Office for a year

Accompanied by members of the Israeli Police, the Israeli occupation intelligence raided Health Work Committees’ office in Shuafat , Jerusalem, and handed an  order to close the center for a year.
The decision states that: "Under the Prevention of Terrorism Act of 1948 and after the conviction that this place is used in terrorist activities, we decided to close it for one year from the date." It is worth mentioning that the office mentioned is used by the school health program, which is implemented by Health Work Committees, which provides health services and vaccinations to Jerusalemites students in more than 62 schools in Jerusalem and benefits tens of thousands of students, teachers and parents.
The police officers who stormed the office, confiscated all computers and handed the director of the school health program and the administrative assistant summon to appear in one of the Israeli intelligence centers.
The school health program began its work in Jerusalem since 1990. The program provides health services and educational activities including medical examination (screening), preventive screening, environment health and health promotion and education, in addition to implementing the Palestinian comprehensive national vaccination program in the absence of allowing the Palestinian Authority and the Ministry of Health to work in schools in Jerusalem. Health Work Committees has taken upon itself to do this patriotic and humanitarian role, and still is.
Health Work Committees (HWC) calls upon all national and international legal, human rights and health organizations to take a serious and fast move to force the occupation to revoke this arbitrary and unjust decision that affects Jerusalemites students’ health and portends disastrous healthy consequences specially under the systematic targeting of the citizens in the occupied city of Jerusalem by the Israeli occupation.
Health Work Committees also called upon the Palestinian Authority and the Ministry of Health to urgently go to the relevant international institutions to expose the Israeli practices against the health organizations and targeting the health of the citizens especially the Jerusalemite students, and to work on the re-opening of its office as soon as possible.
HWC stated that the occupation measures would impede its services that are provided to the Palestinian people, but stressed out that it will work with all its energy to make sure that these services continue to reach to their beneficiaries in line with the values and principles of the organization.

Health Work Committees appeals to its international partners for the need to take their role in the pressure on the occupying State and to take a quick action on the re-opening of its office to continue providing the health services.