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Health Work Committees has Welcomed Juan Jos Escobar Stemmann, Spanish Consul General, at Halhoul Medical Center

 Health Work Committees, represented by Shatha Odeh, its general manager, and Dr. Ramzi Abu Yousef, the director of the South, and its directors of departments and programs, has welcomed Juan José Escobar Stemmann, Consul General of Spain in Jerusalem,  and the Spanish delegation from the Spanish organization, MPDL. This is in addition to the representative of the Spanish Assembly of Cooperation for Peace, PAZ.

The visit was held at Halhoul Medical Center of HWC; after the welcoming session, Mrs. Odeh has provided introduction about the HWC’s work at different geographical locations of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, including the activities organized by its departments, which are specialized in primary healthcare and community development.  Mrs. Odeh has highlighted the vital elements of the organization’s work and its accomplishments despite the challenges, which have been facing the organization.
Mrs. Odeh has indicated for the delegation that HWC has been continuously thriving to move forward in the provision of its services and executing  its activities for all segments of the society especially the poor and the marginalized communities despite all the challenges, which the organization, have been facing.
Moreover, she has appreciated the visit of the consult general for it comprises an important progress for the development of the work of HWC and starting new initiatives with the Spanish governments and the Spanish organizations, which HWC has long term experience working with them as they have been  supporting its different programs and projects.
Then Mrs. Odeh has indicated that HWC has been targeting marginalized groups including people with disabilities, youth and women through its services, which are provided on development and right based approaches. In line with that, she added that HWC urges other organizations to support these groups based on collaborative work and efforts.  
In turn, the consulate general has expressed his gratitude for HWC and all its staff for their kind greetings. Also, he has declared his hope for continuing the support provision for all the activities and services that have been catered for the Palestinian society by the organization. Then he has inquired about the form of financial and logistic support that the organization has been receiving from governmental institutions. Following that all his inquires and concerns have been addressed.
After that, Ibtesam Ghoura, the director of the community based rehabilitation program of HWC, has provided introduction about the activities of the program and has highlighted its significant accomplishments at the South in serving people  with disabilities. During her introduction, Mrs. Ghoura has spoken about the evolving process of the program during which she stopped at the success stories, which have been experienced during the 10 years of the program tenure .
During the visit, the Consult General and the Spanish delegation have interviewed people with disabilities, who were receiving services, including having procedures performed for them and getting assistive devices. They have asked the families about service satisfaction. In response to that the families have complimented on the role of HWC for its efforts towards providing services for their children and they have conveyed their hope for the continuation of the provision of services by HWC based on their collective needs.
At the end of the visit, the consult general has made a tour at Halhoul Medical Center of HWC; he has saluted all its staff for their efforts in providing healthcare services. In addition to that he has promised to provide all the support he can for HWC in the future. Shatha Odeh has complimented upon what have been voiced by the Spanish consult. In appreciation for his visit , Mrs. Odeh has honored Mr. Stemmann with commemorative plaque. Moreover, the Oasis Center of HWC in Beit Sahour for people with mental disabilities has given a souvenir made by its clients for the Spanish consult general.