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The occupation authorities prevent the medical staff in the work committees from reaching Tal Rmeideh in the heart of Hebron City

  Israeli occupation forces stationed at the entrance of Tal Rmeideh in the heart of Hebron City on Monday, 5th July, 2018, prevented the medical staff of the Health Work Committees from entering Tal Rmeideh area. The Israeli soldiers at the checkpoint were assertive in hindering the activities that were planned in cooperation with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS). The area of Tal Rmeideh is located in the heart of Hebron, an area surrounded by settlements and permanent military checkpoints, which completely controls the movement of Palestinian civilians including their entry and exit, as well as prevents non-residents from crossing the checkpoints without special permits including medical personne. This transformed Tal Rmeideh into a large prison, isolated from the vicinity of Hebron and lacking medical and health services.

It is worth mentioning that HWC has previously implemented various medical and health services including free medical days in the same area without the hindering of the occupation forces at the same checkpoint. This time was prevented medical staff to enter on the pretext that there is no security clearance. Since the beginning of the year, the Health Work Committees has implemented free medical activities in remote, marginalized areas, and is keen to continue the work its doing to improve the health access and services provided for this population.