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Nidal Center for Culture and Development
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Nidal Center has been organizing programs and projects as part of the public and institutional movement in East Jerusalem to highlights the issues and problems that has been facing the city of East Jerusalem and its residents due to the Israeli occupation oppressive measures upon the city and its inhabitants including the displacement, building of settlements in an attempt for the judaization of East Jerusalem.
The center aims at developing youth leaders, who are aware of their rights and national culture. This is in order to promote the national identity among the youth in both its humanitarian and progressive dimensions in accordance with the center’s objectives and programs.

Several activities and public events have been organized to merge members of the community and youth into a unified body able to support and advocate for the center’s mission in times when the living, health and political conditions in the city of East Jerusalem have been deteriorating. The center’s has been keen on increasing the capacity of its staff thus several capacity building training has been provided of all the center’s staff who have been engaged on the supervision and implementation of the health and development programs and projects of the center. Moreover, the center has actively participated on several conferences including the People’s Health Movement conference, which was held in South Africa, the World Social Forum, which was held in Brazil.
Through the organization’s efforts and pressure in the Israeli courts, Nidal Center was re-opened after it has been closed by the Israeli occupation forces for a long time. Since its reopening, many efforts were activated to regain the place and the importance of this center inside the holy city. The center’s requirements and needs were forecasted to elevate the responsibilities and activate the work inside the center in addition to the developmental and health programs and projects inside the old city of Jerusalem.