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The mobile clinic reaches out to three villages, which are Al-Luban Al Gharbi, Ras Karkar, and Rantis of Ramallah and Al-Bireh governorate in the middle of the West Bank. The mobile clinic team has 12 staff members providing services of General Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Women’s Health Program, Well Baby Program and Medical Laboratory services.

During this year, 11,159 persons have benefited from the mobile clinic in the three location; 556 persons have benefited from the Emergency Medicine services, 1,450 women have benefited from Women’s Health Program and 891 children have benefited from the Well Baby Program. The number of female beneficiaries accounted for 70% of the total beneficiaries, while the male beneficiaries accounted for 30%.

Health education activities have been implemented through the mobile clinic targeting the community members. Open medical days for dental check-ups have been organized throughout the year in these communities in cooperation with HWC dentists and German visiting dentists.