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CBR – South

The CBR program has been established since 1994. It is consisted of three units: Rehabilitations unit at Halhul Health Center, the First CBR Program unit (CBR1), and the Second CBR Program unit (CBR2).The units have been managed by HWC in cooperation with its partners and in conformity with HWC’s strategic plan, aiming at promoting the well-being of PwDs in accordance with the national and international convention on the rights of PwDs.

The Rehabilitations unit at Halhul Health Center has been managed in managed in partnership with Diakonia , and it aims to develop rehabilitation services in the area of assessment , diagnosis and follow-up , as well as the referral of children with disabilities through mutual coordination with rehabilitation services in the area such as the rehabilitation based on the local community and national institutions.
The program is a source of information for rehabilitation workers and parents on how to deal with children with disabilities. The CBR1, and CBR2 programs are working according to the same methodology and goal, which includes the embodiment of values ​​and noble meanings that include elevating the concept of disability from dysfunction reality and disability to the reality of solidarity and equal rights of all members of society.
The CBR program’s activities are based on the protection and promotion of basic rights of people with disabilities in accordance with the rights of people with disabilities convention (PwDs), which guarantees for them the full enjoyment of all aspects of dignified life. Despite the fact that the needs of PwDs are of high demand, the CBR program has put all its available resource to cater daily for the specific needs of PwDs and has succeeded on meeting most of their needs. This has been manifested through the organization of awareness workshops and campaigns on the rights of PwDs throughout the year in all of the CBR program’s locations including: Beit Ummar, Tarqumiyah, Kharas, Idna, Halhul, Sa’ir, Beit Ula, Deir Sammit, Beit Kahil, Surif, Beit Fajjar and its surrounding villages, and the villages of the western rural of Bethlehem. The services provided by the CBR program has been available daily in those locations either through CBR units or through CBR workers, who are part of the mobile clinic’s medical team in those location.

Moreover, Basic health and rehabilitation services have been organized by the program for PwDs. Assistive devices aiming at improving the life quality for them have been distributed through the program as well.

On the other hand, some of PwDs’ needs have been met through the coordination with other organizations and departments especially governmental organizations advocating for PwDs; some cases have been referred to specialized organizations to ensure that they would receive the required services to fulfill their needs, which otherwise are not available through the CBR program’s units. The program has played a pivotal role on coordinating the connection and the logistic procedures between PwDs and the Palestinian Ministry of Social Affairs.