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In 1990, the Popular Committees for Medical Services, which is the former name for HWC, has established Qalqilya Health Center. The center has been serving the population of Qalqilya city along with its surrounding villages. Since then, newly medical specialties and health services have been added to the center. Nowadays, it holds a leading position among all the health service providers of Qalqilya city.
In 2000, the center was transferred to a new 4 floors building; the first floor has Emergency Medicine unit, General Medicine unit, Medical Laboratory, Radiology unit and Pharmacy. The second floor has specialized clinics, while the third floor has Day Surgery unit. The construction of Maternity unit at the 4th floor of the building has been completed, but it has not been operated yet.
The working hours of the center are 7 days a week from 8 am to 10 pm for a total of 14 hours. It has 22 staff members in addition to a number of specialist physicians and staffs who work on contractual basis.

Significant Remarks:

  • The center expands its relationship with specialists and associations in order to activate the work at the Day Surgery unit.
  • Qalqilya Health Center signed an agreement with the National Insurance Company, to cover services for the UNRWA staff members covered by the National Company insurance, provided by the center.
  • Finishing the construction of the 4th floor .