مؤسسة لجان العمل الصحي
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The oasis center was created in BeitSahour in 1998 in response to the society's urgent need, it is an exceptional center for people with mental disabilities because of the high quality services that it provides under the "auspices "of the Health Work Committees (HWC), a non governmental health and development organization.
The oasis work shop provides opportunities for adults with mental disabilities to engage in productive activities and contribute positively to the Palestinian society .
18 mentally challenged adults of both sexes are engaged in paper recycling , ceramics, and candles production, recycling baskets and creating art with sand.
They come from various villages and refugee camps in Bethlehem.
After the participants arrive to Al Waha center, they start their workday with some music and mutual greetings. Through this daily routine, we promote positive social relationships between the participants by sharing their daily experiences. Moreover, it is also an important aspect of creating an open and respectful environment and makes work more pleasant. We also provide them with awareness and educational activities and daily livelihood skills. Moreover, we target their families to provide them with more awareness and communicate with them in order to provide the needs of their family members who have disabilities.
In many cases, people with special needs are neglected and their full potential is almost never realized. However, we at the Oasis Center try to change this neglectful attitude by integrating people with disabilities into the local society through inviting schools, universities, and organizations to learn about people with disabilities' capabilities. We also encourage our beneficiaries by providing them with a pocket money and covering their health insurance trough the HWC's medical center and their transportation fees to the Oasis.