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Shepherds Field Kindergarten and Nursery
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Shepherds Field Kindergarten and Nursery was established in 1996. The school receives around 100 children daily. The curriculum is based on developing children’s sensory and cognitive skills within their social context. Moreover, it is distinctive for encompassing advanced upbringing and scientific methods in education in a quiet and clean environment. The children’s families have affirmed their appreciation for the teachers’ attention and care given to their children during their periodical meeting with the Nursery’s administration as one of the children’s parents have said “we are convinced that when leaving our children at the Shepherds Field Kindergarten and Nursery, they will be in good hands”.

The school has been keen on increasing the capacity of its staff through training and continuous learning. The staff has participated in several training workshops and seminars on kindergarten management and child development including safe environment and civil defense workshop, reading literacy, storytelling workshop, toy making workshop, methods on diagnosing children with learning disabilities and many other workshops.

The Nursery has been supported by the local community in Beit Sahour. This has facilitated the development of the Nursery’s scope of work and the realization of its extracurricular activities. On its attempt to strengthen its relationship with the children’s families and the local community, the administration of the Nursery has involved the parents’ council, which was formed in 2011, in the planning and implementing of the Nursery’s activities and events including the graduation ceremony, Christmas parties, Open Days and other entertaining activities for the children and their families. The parents’ council has played an important role in distributing invitations for the events and organizing and recruiting money to fund the events. The school has commemorated several national, social and religious events along with the children and staff.

The administration of the school has been thriving for organizing distinctive and remarkable activities; It has published the “Food guide”, which is a product of profound research and thinking. The guide has been of great popularity and thus it has been distributed broadly. Moreover, the Nursery has issued “Parents’ Guide”, which includes the Nursery’s general policies and rules.